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I have a lil question: How can i drop a vehicle booster in a vctf-map. I heard via mutator but i dont got or found that mutator. Then i found a script for diffrent vehicle boosts but i cant make them yet cause i cant script that good. Hm would b nice if any1 got a mutator download link or a example map with a boost in it for download or some. Or maby some1 can explain me but try it the easy way cause me german ya know and dont got all vocables yet smile.  ??? :)


--- Quote from: shinobi on 2006-12-04 16:01:14 ---example map with a boost in it for download or some.

--- End quote ---

Aren't those things in maps like FatJimmys', Bordercrossing or Devilsplayground what you are looking for?

As far i as i know you can't get them with mutators..? but if your really stuck you can copy one from another map.

They can be made in the editor though - so this is probably the easiest option  ;)
- im sure you know most of the brush stuff below, but ill run through the whole process anyway:

1. Click on the builder brush button to create a brush. (size doesnt matter u can resize it later)
2. Select the red builder brush, then right click on the 'add volume' button, and select Karmaboostvolume out of the menu.
3. Move the builder brush out of the way and you should have the karmaboost volume - these volumes are tricky because you cannot rotate the direction of the 'boost' by hand, but you need to use numbers. Oh and now use the vertex editor button to resize the volume to what u like. If you look on most maps with boost volumes, they make it big because all the vehicle must be in the volume for it to work.
4. Click on the Karmaboostvolume's properties, then go to Movement > Rotation. The small red arrow on one of te corners of the brush denotes the 'boost' direction, and to change it you must type numbers into the 'Yaw' field under Movement > Roatation. The values to use are:

0 = Right
16384 = Down
32768 = Left
49152 = Up

As for tilting the boost direction vertically, maby try smaller variants of the above number in the pitch field...but i found the boosts work fine for small jumps when the arrow is flat.

Hope this helps! if it doesnt try looking for some tutorials, maby UnrealWiki  ;) gl with the mapping shinobi

I think i can handle it from ya explain jonny thx. I made that times b4 but volume only worked from down to up in air (smile flying tank). But fatjimmys i couldnt open in editor for some reason so i thought its a mutator or some that is missed in my ut. But anyway thx for fast help all should work smile.  :) ;)

well it works great.


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