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What we are: mercenaries.
What we do: hunt.
Who we do it for: the highest bidder.
What we crave most: a good hunt, and good pic wh0rage - oft more even than victory itself.

What we are NOT: a clan.

The men of tPW are ready to come together in a battle against you, or to sign up with your clan individually as conscripts in battles against your enemies. Make your propositions and post your challenges on this board.

If you wish to participate in VCTF battles in a freelance and casual manner, without feeling obliged and "locked in" as you would in a clan, or just want to discuss VCTF or our servers, join us! Sign up to the forum and you're in.

Skills are not a prerequisite - you will surely be formed into a worthy VCTF huntsman after spending some time amongst us. We all were.

Steam Group:


--- Code: ---This thread has not been updated in a long time. Eversince, we've had several wars of which about 50/50 win/loss %.
--- End code ---

Accomplishments of tPW so far (VCTF) (TAM):

ABP2D (tPW) vs. ApA = 4:0
ABP2D (tPW) vs. AGC (ApA) = 1:1
tPW vs. SHG = 2:0
tPW vs. UHF = 2:0
tPW vs. YaWa = 2:1
tPW vs. prX = 3:1
tPW vs. SHG = 6:0
tPW vs. Titan = 2:0 (enemy failed to organize)
tPW vs. ApA = 1:1
tPW vs. DUB = 3:1
tPW vs. lieb = 3:0
tPW vs. UAO = 2:0
tPW vs. DUB = 3:1
tPW vs. KiTaH+unq = 4:0
tPW vs. VM = 4:0
tPW vs. Ls = 3:0
tPW vs. DUB = 4:0
tPW vs. D*S = 4:0
tPW vs. Akatsuki = 4:0
tPW vs. HUN = 5:0
tPW vs. HUN = 4:0
tPW vs. Akatsuki = 3:1
tPW vs. oAs = 3:1
tPW vs. HUN = 6:0
tPW vs. 3o = 4:0
tPW vs. Akatsuki = 2:4
tPW vs. EM = 3:1
tPW vs. EM = 3:1
tPW vs. 3o = 4:0


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