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Which maps should be wiped?

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Choose which maps should depart the server. The ones with the most votes will be wiped. The nominees, taken from in-game chatter, are presented.

undercity/illusion....whateva... 8)

admittedly undercity did not play any where as where as well as i assumed and imagined it would. i feel it should go, the game play is not much fun compared to the other maps.

Illusion should stay, its can be great fun

May i suggest BattleLine ? And all other maps where you can tank spam the enemy camp from the home base. Christ those are boring.
In particular the one (can't remember the name) in a canyon with som barbed wire.

Please ?


--- Quote from: "Anonymous" ---Bla bla ...Please ?
--- End quote ---

That was me posting that, I thougth i did log in  :?


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