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First and foremost: the admins are always right. Heed their in-game requests promptly and without question; if you wish to debate, use this forum, but even then the admins' words are final.

Server Admins: Annihilator, BaZzY, Beefcake, budsi, Jago, mustap-, Weird

Rules - failure to comply results in punishment:

The official languages on this server are English and Croatian. Other languages are tolerated in the public chat, but only if used moderately.

Harrassing admins, constant whining, spamming, exploiting (map) bugs and cheating are not tolerated.

Have the utmost respect for your enemies, no matter how pathetic, or superb, their skills are; calling them campers, n00bs, or offending them in any other manner is explicitly forbidden. You may insult your allies, but only if they are really incompetent. Expect them to insult you back, though.

Do not gloat over your enemies, individually or team-wise. Autotaunting is acceptable, but repetitive manual tauntslamming is not.

Acts of blatant sabotage against ones own team, including deliberate teamkilling, are considered high treason. There is no room for traitors here.

Advertizing or recruiting new members for a clan is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by an admin on a person-by-person basis.

Guidelines - adhering is considered honorable:

Try to keep the teams as balanced as the circumstances permit.

You are encouraged to use your own discretion in choosing which abusers to kick by using the kick vote functionality. In case of repeated offenders, post regarding them in this forum and if the cause is just they will be banned. Provide evidence, naturally.

Remarks - various "quirks" of the community:

Are you a man or a woman? Something in between? Or something completely different, like - a machine? Your skins are there to be the sign of that, and as such you should utilize them. There are, however, men that like to dress as women for the hunt. Crossdressing freaks of nature perhaps? Whatever the reasoning for being a transvestite, we do not and can not relate to it! If you are to be a straight-up regular on tPW choose your identifying marks truly. Otherwise, against transvestites - anything goes.

Mantaruns are not only allowed, but also encouraged here. Feel free to take discussions against them out the door.

There are no laws against camping, spamming or any similar activity. Also, the Minigun is as legitimate a weapon as any other.


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