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Well today I've been playing on binary when 2 persons were messing up all the teamwork... They're both BAMI (can't remember the names u'll se in the pics) and they where taking a scorpion or bender and put it on manta's respawn place and they left there; when someone tried to take the vehicle off to take manta they were waiting and get it... they killed me twice, one shooting to manta and it splatched me and other splatching me with manta... The other team got our flag and when I was going to pick up manta to try to kill the flag carrier y couldn't because they pushed me down and we lost the match... 
I have to apologize for my behaviour that the rest had to stand, but I can't keep my wrath with those people that feel good disturbing the others...  Hope that people won't let without punishement

Thank you for all, with all respect


Rest assured, the tards will be wiped.

Hey Annihilator,
We know we were wrong, but Justi exaggerate in our opinion. It was just meant as a joke.
Could you plz. unban us. We won't do it anymore.

With all our respect

Bamiball and Bamikiller

tac hard!!

Yes the doublenicking is seen too often; I saw several double nicks in the past month or so, though that was maybe these two, just with different nicks...


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