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U got banned (why?)

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today I was spectacing with snake game on tpw and talking in polish,german and then sudenly it kick me out saying that I'm not following spirit of this game rules and then when I rejoin game in few minutes it kicked me again saying that :

I"ve checked the server rules and it is a possibility I've "touch" some of them
1- talking in different language than english na croatian (it was polish and only few words and as I see lots of people talk almost constant in german or other languaes)
2- spamming with messages (there was only a few in a row but I admire - It's my fault)
3- talking about clan recrutation (rules say that cant offer about recrutation but one on one it cant and that what I was doing)
I dont want to argue with any Admins and U can verify this by checking logs of me chating (it was today about 1 at night)

I just wan to say I'm sorry that I didnt get acquainted with the rules and break them . I can make U sure that it would never happend again because now I know the rules and consequences of breaking them..

again really sorry and hope U gonna make the right decision ;)


--- Quote from: [king]_D3V!L_3m^ on 2007-08-23 09:58:58 ---again really sorry and hope U gonna make the right decision ;)

--- End quote ---

only temporary, so you arent banned?

All of the above.
In any case, it was a session ban. Don't repeat the mistakes in the future.

ok Annihilator - I know U gonna make the right decision and I will be better in the future and once again - thank you ;)

did you took a picture of your screen or what?  ;D


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