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So here is a botter by the name >>teck<<Eradic. He made long distance shock kills, here are his stats:

And here is his confession:

Sry, the first image is wrong and I can't edit, here is the right one:

Ban him please.

these stats are worthless.almost every player has 100%.You should record a demo next time you think someone botting.But since he seems to ve admitted it i ll consult with the other admins and see what we ll do.He ll get what he deserves,dont worry.

ut2004 stats are nothing (once again, keep that in mind for everyone)

however I've demos to prove that.. (demos are old, he had a different clantag but surely he is the same guy, over 35 years old guy)



42 years at best and 1 community Febel and 1 clan ?Teck?  How negative, how it's stupid, how it's sucking ! My real stats are on serverspy ^^
I never played whith a aim like that just to make the score, when i played whith it, it was because any used it whith much precisions, and i found it stupid and proved it's possible. So build a better protection to your server like that anyone find a real good place, and 'll play whith a real pleasure...
Bye Era...

Ps : That's all.... Oops My stats ^^ Epic's one are obsolete... Ciao Ah on this server cheat = ban !!!


I forgot this ^^


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