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2021 May 06 22:51:00
Leon: hax

2009 Jan 16 19:54:06
Jago: lol o.0 where'd this come from

2007 Sep 12 01:06:43
Her3tiC: lol look at this, im 21 and shes 9, and i think she can kick my ass :P

2007 Sep 12 00:56:43
Her3tiC: rofl

2007 Sep 09 19:01:40
king_lane: don't drink while watching it, I spit mine out lol

2007 Sep 07 05:51:12
Her3tiC: hehehe i allmost piss myself from laugh, n1

2007 Sep 05 22:53:04
Jago: n1 lane :)

2007 Sep 04 08:26:17
[king]_Justii!: Nice video Hurrah, but what i loved it's the KENT music :D


2007 Aug 27 16:36:15

2007 Aug 27 13:53:57
king_lane: i'm a fucking UT addict. :/

2007 Aug 26 16:18:49
Weird: i hereby declare that my databases teacher needs to die a very slow and painfull death, kthnx

2007 Aug 26 16:17:24
Weird: bukkake is with 2 k's o.O

2007 Aug 25 17:22:19
budsi: Bukake

2007 Aug 25 13:28:51
tant_raffa: just so evry1 knows. IM AM IN JASPAN and it rocks. really awesome ^^ I'm gonna upload some pictures later for you to look at =)


My mute

Started by JuC, 2007-06-27 14:18:52

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Yeah... admins keep muting me... why? Dunno they say I use too many keybinds... well maybe I use them when I have to use them...not like them:

and why those people don't have any punishement?
Dunno... maybe I have to spam with my binds too and I'll be like them... I have nothing agains Davde or black&white... but the rules are the same for all  and I wanna know why I've been muted (a prove of that like an image) and when I'll be able to talk again

PS: Yay... I thought u can zoom it by click on it... sorry



and for the people that do not have the best eyes in the world, a link to a larger version of the image:


Muted for one week.

Edit: post-banned for one week.

Edit #2: repeated insolent whining, combined with post ban bypassing, resulted in prolongation of the mute and post-ban punishments to one month. Keep in line or keep out. For, as is stated in the server rules:
QuoteHarrassing admins, constant whining, spamming (...) are not tolerated.
of which you've repeatedly violated all the aforementioned parameters.

Edit #3: once again repeated post-ban bypassing results in an extension of all punishments to 3 months. Enjoy.

P.S. Not that it should be ANY of your concern at this point, but WHITE has been dealt with as well.


Mute time reduced to 2 months ("time served" included). Reasons known to admins.